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Departure from Argentière centre at 8.30 am

Nature race of 27km and 1700m of positive altitude difference. 


After a start in the centre of the village of Argentière, the course will take you to the village of Les Chosalets via the Moraine, then you will reach the village of Le Lavancher via the northern balcony before attacking the first climb to the chalets de la Pendant. From the mountain pasture of La Pendant, you will climb to the first checkpoint at Plan Joran. You will already have covered 10 km.


You will then start the first descent by the Trapette path, which will take you to the top of the Chosalets ski lift.


You will then reach the village of Argentière via the Moraine, a route already taken at the start. Once you have reached the centre of the village, and the start area, you will find the refreshments.


You can either take the time for a drink or start the second loop. 

The 2nd loop of the race will then begin. You will start on the Chemin des biens before branching off onto the Chemin du Lavieu which will take you to the Planet after passing under the railway line.


From the Planet, you will take the Travarchires path and then the North balcony until you find on the right the path that will lead you to the Peclerey mountain.


After a technical climb, you will pass near the small stone refuge of the Grand Chantet head

(1967 m alt) where, at the 20 km mark, a second checkpoint will be set up.


You will then continue on a balcony section, facing the Mont-Blanc range before taking the 34 downhill bends that will take you back to the Chemin de la Pierre à Bosson and then to the Chemin des Rambles, from where you will reach the centre of the village of Argentière and the finish line.


The finish is located at the same place as the start.


Have a good race and have fun!


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